09 Jan

The mechanical device known as a "plug in the machine" or "automatic plug-in machine" automatically inserts various common electrical components into a printed circuit board conductive through the hole. In this blog, you will learn and acquire top knowledge about the dip insertion machine or used pick and place machine.

used pick and place machine

Used Pick And Place Machine

The plug-in machine is a device that, in accordance with the software, automatically mounts the braided electronic components on the printed circuit board. Workers are mostly used in the traditional electronic assembly industry to insert electronic components onto the circuit board. The speed of manual plug-ins has slowed down since the machine started mass production, and the flaws in shoddy construction have come to light. Automatically mounting electronic components on circuit boards with a plug-in machine can save labor costs and raise plug-in process standards. 

Capacitors, inductors, and connectors are the main components that make the plug-in machine work. The plug-in components of each station will be divided by the engineering team during the design process based on workload and logic. To minimize the possibility of error, each computer is only responsible for installing a few components and repeating the same process. The process of picking up components or products and placing them in new locations is sped up by pick-and-place automation. This procedure can be automated to boost output. Pick and place robots take care of repetitive chores, allowing human workers to concentrate on more difficult duties.

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