31 Jan

Soldering is the process that is followed to place, mount and fix the electrical components on the surface of the PCBs where the pre defined holes are already there. Through soldering a kind of sticky mixture is processed to do the rest of the job. This mixture is made while using the flux and the soldering powder. This method can be followed to attach just one or several electrical components permanently or temporarily on the contact pads. Once this process is over, the whole assembly goes for the controlled heat process. 

                                    Pick and Place Machine  

  • Keeps this process accurate

Reflow oven soldering is the process that must be done so that the electrical components can stay over the PCB assembly properly for a long time. This process ensures SMDs are mounted on the PCB properly. The prime objective of this process is to create acceptable and workable soldering joints. And this is done through certain steps. First the solder paste, PCBs and components are pre heated and then the soldering paste is melted without creating any damage for the PCB and components.

  • This machine saves time and ensures proper soldering

SMT pick and place machine is going to do this work in a very accurate and safe way. It is able to control the heat so that only that amount of heat can be generated which will melt and fix the soldering paste at its place properly. If you are looking for the best pick and place machine that can do the soldering work quickly and accurately, then you are at the right place. While using this SMT equipment, you can also save a lot of time easily.  

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